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GNOW- Grenada National Organization of Women

What is GNOW?

  • GNOW is the umbrella non-governmental Women’s organisation Grenada.
  • There are currently 14 members affiliated to GNOW.

Mission Statement:

“To create a change in the socialization and culture of power relations between women and men through sensitization and action for equal participation in the household, the community, the workplace and in national life.”

Strategic Priorities

  • Eradicating poverty and hunger
  • Creating a climate to for women to engage in economic activity
  • Building awareness of, and advocating for women’s rights
  • To empower young men and women to take a stand for gender equality
  • Supporting females who are victims and survivors of gender-based violence
  • Reducing violence against women
  • Reforming community, legal, procedural and medical responses to victims.
  • Encouraging women to take responsibility for their own health
  • Strengthening GNOW as an sustainable institution

Projects and Programmes

The projects and programmes undertaken by GNOW over the past 5 years

  • have a rights based approach
  • grounded in conventions, principles, and treaties that speak to the eradication of gender-based violence.
    • Eg, Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Violence against Women (CEDAW).
    • the Millennium Development Goals in particular goal #5, on reducing by 60% the gender-based violence by 2015.
  • ▪Eg, Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Violence against Women (CEDAW).
  • ▪the Millennium Development Goals in particular goal #5, on reducing by 60%  the gender-based violence by 2015.

Project outcomes

  • 488 persons were trained in carpentry, masonry, electrical installation, plumbing, tiling and Life Skills
  • Assisted 25 members of St Mark’s Welfare Group in Leadership Skills
  • Assisted prospective employers to accept and treat women as equals in male -dominated fields of employment
  • National awareness of the competent and productivity of women in historically male-dominated fields of employment/work.
  • Partnered with the Grenada Business and Agriculture Revitalization Programme (GBAR) to roll out the project: REBUILDING GRENADA WITH GENDER EQUITY 2004-2005


The manual “Barriers” is available as a teaching tool for further training and intervention


  • Programmes Let’s Talk About Sex and HIV (LTASH) Peer-Educators Workshops
  • Main sponsors: USAID/US Peace Corp – Small Project Assistance Grant, National AIDS council and Pan-Caribbean Partnership against HIV/AIDS
  • The goal was to promote safe and healthy sexual attitudes, behaviours and practices among women and men in targeted communities by building awareness of for behaviour change.
  • Twenty-six (26) women in Rose Hill and seventeen (17) in Soubise participated in the courses, which ran from February to April 2008

Concept Paper on Sexual Harassment

  • Production of booklet:“Drawing the Line against Sexual Harassment: A Concept Paper on Sexual Harassment in Grenada” was produced. Presented on May 29th, 2009 to Hon. Claris Charles, the then Minister for Education and Labour.
  • Draft Bill against Sexual Harassment, currently housed in the Ministry of Social Development since 2009.