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GRENCODA- Grenada Community Development Agency


  • an indigenous non-profit, non-partisan, non-governmental development Agency
  • committed to the development of Grenada’s rural communities.


“To provide guidance and support to rural individuals, families and communities, to improve their quality of life”.

Target Groups:

  • small farmers,
  • women,
  • low income workers
  • and youth.

Strategic Priorities for alleviation of poverty are:

  • To develop/support economic project for women.
  • To assist students of low income households
  • To facilitate skills training and the acquisition of life skills
  • To advocate on policy issues impacting marginalized persons/groups.
  • To improve the financial, human/physical resource base of the organization
  • To stimulate/ help CBOs to become more self reliant & organized.
  • To focus and increase the level of communication with stakeholders

Student Assistance Programme (SAP)

  • Established in 1987 to break the cycle of poverty and empower families by enabling their children to attend Secondary School.
  • Over 1500 vulnerable households have benefited.

Several components have been added:

  • Personal Development/counseling
  • Eight day Educational Camp
  • Parenting Education Workshops
  • Support for Tertiary education (TAMCC and NEWLO)
  • Recognition and award for students who excel.


Rural Youth Empowerment Training Programme (RYETP)


✓Implemented in 2010 for over fifty (50) young persons between ages 18 – 25yrs from the communities of St. John’s, St. Mark’s and St. Patrick’s.

✓Skills training for rural youths coming out of the education system but  in employable skills

✓A deliberate strategy was to ensure a higher percentage of males over females.  Thirty (30) males, Twenty (20) females were selected and trained.


The main project activities completed were:


  1. Mobilisation selection & orientation of youth,
  2. Training in ICT
  3. Life/Soft Skills Personal Development, Work Ethics and Job Readiness
  4. Vocational Training: Front Office, Electrical, Bartending,   Auto Mechanics, Sewing Engine Repairs, Agriculture, Tour Guiding, Plumbing
  5. Internship/Entrepreneurial training
  6. Job Placement
  7. Monitoring & evaluation

At the end of eighteen (18) months:

  • 52 youth graduated: 31 males and 21 females.
  • A comprehensive evaluation of the programme was conducted in 2009-2010
  • GRENCODA partners with stakeholders for the continuation of this programme.


Chicken/ Pig / Goat Rearing Project for Food Security and Income :


  • Staff initiated as a deliberate strategy to reintroduce sustainable development activities post Ivan.
  • 2005: 232 households in the parishes of St. John, St. Mark and St. Patrick received 7300 Broilers and coops and 69,650 lbs of feed.
  • 25 to 30 %   continues to rear chickens, some extended their coops to include “Layers”.
  • GRENCODA provides training and minimum infrastructural support


  • The pig and goat rearing started on a smaller scale in 2006-2007
  • After basic training 25 households received 50 pigs/feed
  • 9 households with students in the SAP received 16 goats
  • projects expanded:30 to 32 additional households received 65 pigs
  • 11 additional households receive 25 goats.
  • GRENCODA in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture ensure continuous training and periodic monitoring.