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GRENED- Grenada Education and Development Programme

What is GRENED?

  • A non-profit education organization
  • Founded in 1996 by Dr Dessima M. Williams
  • Governed by a Board of Directors and an International Advisory Board
  • Employs six staff and has many volunteers


A poverty-free Grenada due to Education


  • Provide educational resources and learning opportunities
  • To empower people by reducing poverty
  • To nurture learning and social development in school age children and others

Why focus on Education?

  • It is a means to empowerment
  • It encompasses values, basic literacy, life skills
  • Provides abilities to live with diversities and challenges
  • Provides a catalyst to other achievements

GRENED offers:

  • Scholarship Awards
  • Mentorship
  • Career Development
  • Summer science
  • Public Fora
  • Farmers’ Night Market