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GRENSAVE- Grenada Save the Children Development Agency

Mission Statement:

“A Community Development Agency committed to provide support, guidance, education and advocacy in order to improve the quality of life  of all children.”

Serving children and families

Since 1963

Grenada Save the Children Development Agency (GRENSAVE) is a local NGO that advocates for children and families and was incorporated in June 1985.  Prior to this it operated under the name “Canadian Save the Children Fund” (CANSAVE) and was fully sponsored and operated by the above organization.  Preceding CANSAVE, the British Save the Children operated this organization from 1963-1969.

  • Over the years GRENSAVE has evolved both in its method and delivery of services and programmes.
  • In the 1980’s there was a strong focus on the “Child in Community”, which included the broader issues of community development and the promotion of self sufficiency. Previous to this period the focus was primarily on addressing the inadequate social conditions in housing, education, nutrition and health.
  • The oldest Children and Families Non– Governmental Organization (NGO) in Grenada

Highlights of some Achievements to Date

  • Rural nutrition programme, in the form of milk and soya meals
  • Student Sponsorship Programme
  • Integrated Community Development process in four (4) Communities
  • Four (4) children Day Care Centres/Pre-schools situated at strategic locations
  • The original Home of the Grenada Coalition on the Rights of the Child (GNCRC)
  • Operated Youth Clubs throughout Grenada
  • Women’s income generating programmes geared towards self sufficiency ie:-

Pearls Women Coconut Oil Project

       – Sauteurs  Women sewing and craft project

       – St. Andrew’s Women Woodwork project

  • Successfully managed the programme for adolescent mothers (PAM)
  • Adolescent counseling
  • Big Brother/ Big Sister mentorship programme
  • Youth Drop in Centers
  • Children’s Christmas Parties

Programmes and services currently in progress

  • Pearls Pre–school
  • Children’s Annual Summer Camp
  • After school programmes
  • GRENSAVE library programmes
  • Women Income Generating Project
  • River Sallee Children Development Centre
  • Students Sponsorship Programme (Jean Augustine & J.J Robinson Trust- Scholarship Donors)
  • Staff Training and Development
  • Revitalization of the Ex-sponsored Students’ Association

Social Assistance

  • Over the years GRENSAVE continues to play a meaningful role in the lives of the less fortunate ones in our society by providing different kinds of assistance received through public contributions in the forms of: Foodstuff, clothing, shoes, used school books and other household items.
  • Referral of child abuse cases to the relevant authorities and providing guidance and direction to other persons in need of a multiplicity of services.  Basically, GRENSAVE acts as a clearing house in the area of social issues.