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PIA- People in Action, Inc.

What is PIA?

  • A registered non-profit company that focuses on alternative growth through research & resource development.
  • Research focuses on innovative development solutions for the sustainable growth
  • Projects are nature and people-based.
  • Uses the participatory approach to implement programs.
  • People in Action” has a listing of technocrats acting as advisors


“To facilitate a process that will enable the communities to accept responsibilities, to explore possibilities & take action to improve their standard of living in a continuing and independent basis through transparency and accountability.”


An alternative development agency that strives to ensure that communities are empowered to sustainablly develop and maintain their available resources thus enjoying enhanced standard of living and improve livelihood.


To foster the holistic socio-economic development of communities through stakeholder participation, asset management and empowerment.


  • Communities
  • Poor and vulnerable


  • Development agencies
  • Government
  • Individuals
  • Private sector
  • Development specialists & technocrats
  • NGO’s and CBO’s
  • International Organisations
  • Schools/Universities

PIA's Programs

  • Community Development Education Program
  • Community Development Process
  • E-Participatory Community Development Strategy
  • Geotourism
  • Travel Philanthropy & Volunteerism


  • Carriacou & Petite Martinique geotourism to geo-development
  • Ground-up Approach to Water Resource Management for Carriacou & Petite Martinique
  • UNESCO Youth PATH: Sustainable Tourism Development
  • Maroon Projects: Travel Philanthropy and Volunteerism