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Scaling Up Locally led Adaptation: Regional Dialogue Series – September – October 2021

The Regional Dialogue Series “Scaling Up Locally led Adaptation” was hosted by a partnership of international organisations, and gave countries and non-state actors opportunities to interact with each other, with a view to fostering real locally led adaptation.

The first Caribbean & Latin America Dialogue took place on September 8th, 2021, and the second on October 14th, 2021. The first dialogue shared case studies of locally-led adaptation (LLA) delivering mechanisms covering state and non-state examples. They showcased inspiring ways to deliver LLA in line with some of the LLA Principles.

The second round of dialogues focused on discussing and advancing understanding of the pathways to scaling up, replicating and collaborating across different locally led adaption (LLA) delivery mechanisms, and how international climate finance can better support these pathways. Discussion also evolved around what the key questions for COP26 should be.

Common enabling factors for LLA that were identified from across the 11 case studies presented in Dialogue 1 which included: strong local presence, local networks, supporting policy and regulation, focus on building local capabilities, creating bespoke financing mechanisms, domestic financing committed to LLA, and support from risk taking donors. Delving deeper during dialogues 2, the several challenges, changes and enablers were identified across international, national and local levels.

Read the summary of the Regional Dialogues Report:

Summary – Scaling up Locally led Adaptation Regional Dialogues Report 2021

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